As a North Texas kid, I first knew Dallas as the big city with Mavs and Stars games, concerts at the Meyerson, and Santa’s annual visit to NorthPark. Once I moved to the Hilltop, I became a lifelong SMU Mustang, and Dallas became my home.

While studying at SMU, I worked at Carrabba’s Italian Grill in Preston Center, caught midnight movies in Inwood Village and enjoyed the occasional breakfast at the Original House of Pancakes – a stone’s throw from where I would settle into my first house almost a decade later. 

In the meantime, I attended law school in Los Angeles and specialized in tax law in New York City. I returned to California to kick-start my career (and pick-up my canine sidekick, Saxon), and spent over a year in Singapore where I learned the value of embracing the unexpected and also how much I was ready to come back home.

My time away provided constant confirmation of my long-held belief that Dallas is truly a world-class city. Each new location either highlighted the many ways that Dallas is already a world leader or sparked ideas for the opportunities that Dallas can seize as we continue to develop our global reputation. 

Upon returning to Dallas in 2018, I couldn’t help but think that all of these experiences equipped me with the unique perspective needed to help shape the future of our great city.

I am thrilled to be back in Dallas and to have the opportunity to contribute to our community. I am equally thankful for the long and winding journey back home. My collection of experiences has challenged me to consider different viewpoints, explore other cultures, and keep my eyes and mind open so not to miss the chance to learn from those around me. 

Experience is important, and mine has prepared me to advocate for our district with an authentic outlook and an endless list of ideas to help Dallas reach its potential. District 13 offers a far more diverse slice of Dallas than any single snapshot can capture, and I am excited about the chance to seek the input and incorporate leaders from residents in every corner of District 13. 

Policy-making will be a core responsibility of our next councilmember, and my legal career has prepared me to craft intelligent policy and, more importantly, to identify and avoid the unintended consequences that can result from imprecision and inexperience. 

Term limits at City Hall provide our community with an exciting opportunity for fresh leadership.

Now is the moment to reimagine our approach to issues facing our community, We must meet obstacles with renewed energy and innovative solutions instead of a persistent dedication to current strategies. District 13 deserves a councilmember with a fresh perspective who will challenge long-held assumptions with probing inquiries and actively solicit yet undiscovered voices from the residents of our district.

I am excited to meet more of you over the coming months! I hope you will join me in creating a more robust vision of how our neighborhoods can best serve us all.