We need to focus on efficiently and intelligently carrying out street and sidewalk improvement projects. We have projects funded from the 2017 Bond Program that have yet to even begin and others that have construction timelines slated for up to 2 full years just to reconstruct a small street.

Any time that a solution is causing more disruption than the original problem, we have failed to deliver on our promise to increase the quality of life of our residents. We need (i) data driven scheduling to maximize efficiency and (ii) to intelligently carry out projects so that we can maximize the results. For example, in the east of our district on Northwest Highway near Skillman, a guardrail was recently repaired and if only 10 more inches of concrete were laid, we could have had a new sidewalk connecting an isolated cul-de-sac neighborhood to shops and restaurants nearby. As we tackle the task of improving our transportation technology and strategic mobility plans, we must keep in mind how to improve pedestrian safety and such easy adjustments to current projects, like connecting neighborhoods with a short sidewalk, are the key to making progress.

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